Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.6 No.6

Current Issue
Image Analysis of Luster Images of Woven Fabrics and Yarn Bundle Simulation in the Weave -Cotton, Silk, and Velvet Fabrics-

Jong Jun Kim

6(6) 1-11, 2002

A Study on Contemporary Beauticians` Job Satisfaction

Nam Yeon Kim , Kwuy Young Lee

6(6) 12-18, 2002

A Study on the Fashion Styles of the Wellness Kin in the Contemporary Fashion

Ho Sup Kan , Na Na Park

6(6) 19-33, 2002

Comparison of Body Measurements between Korean and the U. S. Women Aged Over 55

Mee Sung Choi , Susan P. Ashdown , Hoon Jeong Cho

6(6) 24-32, 2002

A Study on the Comparison of Costume at Lower and Middle Class in the Tudor Dynasty

Kim Kyung Hee

6(6) 43-55, 2002

Transcendency and Embracement in Fashion Designs

Young Sun Shin

6(6) 56-67, 2002

A Study on the Stage Costume Design of the Opera

Chun Wha Lyu , Kyu Hwa Cho

6(6) 68-77, 2002

A Study on Classification of Chinese Men`s Body Types -Focused in Beijing and Shanghai-

Soon Lim , Hee Soon Sohn , Jee Yeon Kim

6(6) 78-88, 2002

A Comparative Study on the Similarities of the Korean and the Chinese Southwestern Clothing Style

Hwa Jin Shim

6(6) 89-104, 2002

Consumer`s Textile Sensibility in regard to Purchase Experience of Apparel Products in e-Business

Sang Moo Shin

6(6) 105-111, 2002