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Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business
Journal of Chinese Literature

Journal of Fashion Business

The Korean Society of Fashion Business was established in 24 October 1996 by the fashion industry and related academics. It became an aggregate corporation with the approval from the Ministry of Commerce.

• Frequency : issued six times a year

• ISSN : 1229-3350 (print)

• ISSN : 2288-1867 (online)

• Year of Launching : 1996.10.

• Publisher : The Korean Society of Fashion Business

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A Study on 3D Virtual Clothing Fashion Design Applying Frank Stella Painting

Yeonji Lee , Sohee Um

27(6) 1-17, 2023


Analyzing the Uniform Colors of Professional Team Sports in South Korea

Yeo Ri Bae

27(6) 18-36, 2023


A Study on Workwear Prototype Development: Based on the Functional, Expressive, Aesthetic (FEA) Model

Huh Ga Young

27(6) 37-46, 2023


Future-oriented Characteristics Examined through the Identity and Modernity of Sonia Delaunay's Work

Keumhee Lee

27(6) 47-65, 2023


A Study on the Characteristics of the Manufacturing Method of Handbags by Brand

Youshin Park

27(6) 66-84, 2023


Metaverse Fashion Design Characteristic Comparison Analysis -Focused on Asian Platforms that are Popular in the Republic of Korea-

Heeseon Kim

27(6) 85-98, 2023


A Case Study of Contemporary Textile Art in Loewe Craft Prize

Hyojeong Park , Jinyoung Kim

27(6) 99-109, 2023


Gift-giving Behaviors via SNS Mobile App: An Exploratory Study of Fashion Products

Ji Yoon Kim , Jiyeon Lee , Kyu-hye Lee

27(6) 110-123, 2023


A Study on the Development of a Women's Fashion Design Prototype Applying the Characteristics of Neo-Deconstructivist Fashion

Zhongyue Lyu , Young Jae Lee

27(6) 124-146, 2023


A Creative Apparel Up-cycling Design Development Using Creative Thinking Methodology

Minji Kim

27(6) 147-159, 2023