Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Editorial Committee Policy

Artide 1

(Purpose) This rule aims to prescribe details regarding the editorial work for all periodicals published by this society.

Artide 2

(Composition of an editorial committee) The editorial committee should be composed as follows.

  • (1) An editorial committee shall be set up to go over the work regarding editing.
  • (2) The editorial committee should be composed of one editor-in-chief, two associate editors-in-chief and approximately 15 editors.
  • (3) The editor-in-chief should be nominated from among board of directors by the president.
  • (4) Editors should be selected among this society's members by the editor-in-chief and the president, and then approved by the board of directors.
  • (5) The followings should be considered when selecting editorial committee members.
    • ① Editorial committee members must meet each of the following requirements.
      • a. A member of The Korean Society of Fashion Business, who has more than five years of experience in their field of research.
      • b. Those who have more than ten publications in their field of research and at least five published in the last three years.
      • c. Those who are active in research and external activities in their field of research.
    • ② When selecting editorial committee members, they are chosen based on their academic contribution.
    • ③ When organizing editorial committee, we consider regional area distribution, rank, and field of research.
  • (6) The term of office for editors-in-chief and editorial committee members is two years, and they can be reappointed.
Artide 3

(Functions of the editorial committee) The editorial committee should oversee the following:

  • (1) Guidelines for authors
  • (2) Review policy
  • (3) Matters regarding editing and publication
  • (4) Other matters regarding the editing of the society's periodicals
Artide 4

(Contents of journal) This journal should contain the following contents.

  • (1) Papers regarding technologies, information, policies, etc. related to fashion business
  • (2) Presentation contents of lectures, seminars or academic presentation meetings sponsored by this society
Artide 5

(Operation of the editorial committee) The editorial committee should be operated as follows:.

  • (1) The editorial committee is composed of a regular editorial committee and a temporary editorial committee for publishing journals.
  • (2) The temporary editorial committee can be called by a request from the editor-in-chief or at least 1/3 of editors.
  • (3) Decisions of the editorial committee should be made with the presence of the majority of editors and a 2/3 majority thereof.
(Additional rules)

Matters not specified in this rule should be handled by the editor-in-chief according to general practices and then reported to the editorial committee.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board
Editor-in-chief Seunghee Lee Sookmyung Women's Univ.
Associate Editor-in-Chief Sanghee Park Baewha Woman's Univ.
Jee-Sun Park Incheon National Univ.
Manuscriopt Editor Sanghee Park Baewha Woman's Univ.
Jee-Sun Park Incheon National Univ.
Editorial Board Eunjeong Ryou Changwon National Univ.
Eunjin Lee Gyeongsang National Univ.
Eunjoo Cho Univ. of Arkansas.
Haejung M. Kim Univ. of North Texas.
Hayoung Song Sangmyung Univ.
Heewon Sung Gyeongsang National Univ.
Jeongshin Park Joongbu Univ.
Kwuyyoung Lee Shin Ansan Univ.
Seong Dal Kim Konkuk Univ.
Seunghee Lee Sookmyung Women's Univ.
Sora Kim Dongduk Women’s Univ.
Sumin Koo Konkuk Univ.
Young Ha California State Univ.-Long Beach.
Young-Sam Kim Chung-Ang Univ.
Youngsoo Yi-Chang Gyeongju Univ.