Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.10 No.3

Current Issue
The analysis of body type of Chinese women by the age - Focusing on the Body Index -

Eun Hee Kim , Hee Soon Sohn

10(3) 1-22, 2006

Physical Properties of Ultra-fine Denier Filament Yarn Fabric

Jong Jun Kim , Yang Kug Son

10(3) 23-30, 2006

The Change of Korean Men`s Fashion from the 1960s to the 1990s - A Study Based on the Content Analysis of Magazine Advertisements and Pictorials -

Hae Sook Kwon , Hae Wook Kwon

10(3) 31-43, 2006

The Effects of Image Making According to Somatotypes and Face Types

Mee Sung Choi , Sung Hee Kim

10(3) 44-53, 2006

A Study on clothing in Suhainmyuldo painted on an old tomb of ancient kingdom of Goguryeo between the 4th and Late 6th century

Eun Sook Kang

10(3) 54-68, 2006

The Effects of Various Sales Promotions on Sales Promotion Attitudes in Fashion Stores

Seung Hee Lee , Eun Ok Lee

10(3) 69-77, 2006

Natural Dyeing Using Tea Extract 2 - The Effect of Dyeing Condition on Dyeing Characteristics of Coffee Extract Dyed Silk Farbic -

Hyun Geun Yoo , Sin Hee Kim

10(3) 78-86, 2006

The Operation of Domestic Women`s Apparel Fashion Designer - Focusing on Brand type and Fashion Merchandising Process -

Eun A Lee , Hae Sook Kwon

10(3) 87-99, 2006

A Study on the early 20s Chinese Women`s Lower Body Types - Focused on the Residents in Beijing and Shanghai -

Jin Young Park , Hee Soon Sohn

10(3) 100-116, 2006

Cultural and Social Implications of Metrosexual Mode

Yun Jeong Oh , Kyu Hwa Cho

10(3) 117-128, 2006

A Study on Safety of Environmental Cleaners` Noctilucent Jackets

Boo Ja Shim

10(3) 129-142, 2006