Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.10 No.6

Current Issue
The Study of Children`s Costumes Historical in Enlightment Period of Korea

Jin Kim , Hee Soon Sohn

10(6) 1-8, 2006

A Study on the Color Change in a Union Fabric simulated using a 3-dimensional CAD Software and Image Analysis

Jong Jun Kim

10(6) 9-15, 2006

Instrumental Measurements of Hand Attributes on Microfiber Polyester/Cotton Blend Fabric Finished with Silicone Mixed Fluorochemical

Young Moo Ahn

10(6) 16-27, 2006

Three-dimensionally Simulated Monofilament Fabrics with Changes in Warp/Filling Yarn Diameter

Jong Jun Kim

10(6) 28-37, 2006

A Study on the Scythian Buckle

Moon Ja Kim

10(6) 38-51, 2006

The Change of Korean Men`s Pants Design from 1962 to 1998 -Based on the Content Analysis of Magazine Advertisements and Pictorials-

Hae Sook Kwon

10(6) 52-62, 2006

A Trend Analysis on the Research of Clothing Construction in Korea - for the recent ten years (1996 ~ 2005) -

Eun Ji Li , Boo Ja Shim

10(6) 63-78, 2006

An Exploratory Study on Brand Personality: The Case of A Traditional Casual Brand in Korea

Mi Young Lee , Keun Young Oh

10(6) 79-90, 2006

A Study on the Body Proportion and Proportional Dimension Standards for Chinese Women - Focusing on the analysis of the high-frequence group -

Eun Hee Kim , Hee Soon Sohn

10(6) 91-109, 2006

An Analysis on Cases of Fashion Collaboration Strategy

Eun Young Jang

10(6) 110-121, 2006

Study on the analyze brassiere pattern by brand

You Shin Park , Young Soon Choi

10(6) 122-130, 2006

The Turnover Motives of Clothing Salesperson

Hyun Ju Jung , Young Shim Han

10(6) 131-145, 2006