Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.11 No.3

Current Issue
Survey of Shoes Wearing Reality and Old Males Foot Types

Boo Ja Shim , Hyun Yoo

11(3) 1-14, 2007

Post-purchase Evaluation on the Maternity Wear on the Current Korean Market by Survey and Wear test

Soon Jee Park , Hee Jung Lee , Chu Yeon Suh

11(3) 15-34, 2007

A Study on the Automatic Pattern Development of Adult Male Basic Pattern Using 3D Body Scan Data

Mi E Jeong , Yun Ja Nam

11(3) 35-45, 2007

The Effects of Physical Surroundings and Salesperson`s Service on Customer Satisfaction and the Intention to Repurchase

Sun Hee Kim

11(3) 46-58, 2007

A Study on Knowledge and Care Behaviors of Hair and Scalp on UV - Focusing on Beauty Care Major and Non-Major Female Students -

Seo Hee Kim , Sung Nam Kim

11(3) 59-68, 2007

Clothing Deprivation and Clothing Decision Factors in Korean College Women

Seung Hee Lee

11(3) 69-78, 2007

A Study on Dyeing Properties and Color Research of Knitted Fabric and by Scoria

In Hee Chung

11(3) 79-86, 2007

An Analysis of 2006 Summer Street Fashion in Harbin, China

Soo Jeong Bae

11(3) 87-96, 2007

The Performance of Supply Chain Management in Textile Fashion Business

Sang Moo Shin

11(3) 97-105, 2007

Altered Image of make-up Advertisement with Changing of the Colors

Ku Jung Kwon

11(3) 106-123, 2007

A Study on the Hair style by Occupation - Focused on Korean Entertainers -

Yun Kyeong Seo , Seong Nam Kim

11(3) 124-132, 2007

Research on Aesthetic Characteristics of Fabric Expression Technique of Art to Wear - Focusing on Art to Wear artists in the U.S.A. -

Kyung Ok Jin

11(3) 133-151, 2007