Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.11 No.6

Current Issue
A study on the Blouse Pattern of High School Girls` Uniform

Jun Ok Lee , Jae Eun Jung , Jae Kyung Park

11(6) 1-10, 2007

A study on the change of consciousness regarding tattoo

Bo Ra Hwang , Jin A Cho

11(6) 11-23, 2007

A Basic Study on the Hat Production for Aged Women

Boo Ja Shim , Hyun Yoo

11(6) 24-34, 2007

The Wearing Sense of Male Adult Shoes -Comparison of Common Shoes with Elevated Shoes-

Boo Ja Shim , Hyun Yoo

11(6) 35-51, 2007

Preparation of UV protective cotton fabrics by novel UV-curing technique - Using a photocrosslinkable polymer, poly(ethylene glycol) dimethacylate -

Sin Hee Kim

11(6) 52-61, 2007

A Study on Preference Factors of Body, Self, Costume and Hairstyle Image by Occupation Type

Yun Kyeong Seo

11(6) 62-74, 2007

Consumers` Perceptions toward Immoral Shopping Behaviors in Apparel Retailing

Mi Young Lee

11(6) 75-86, 2007

Deconstructionism in Issey Miyake`s Fashion Design

Hae Sook Kwon , Yoon Jin Keum

11(6) 87-100, 2007

A Study on the Pattern by the Traits of Fabrics of Women`s Tailored Jacket

Se Eun Jang , Hee Soon Sohn

11(6) 101-114, 2007

Goniometric Image Analysis of Observed Color Change in Dyed Trilobal Cross-section Polyester Monofilament Fabrics

Jung Min Lee , Jong Jun Kim , Dong Won Jeon , Byung Tae Ahn , Jung Im Choi

11(6) 115-124, 2007

Types of Shamanistic Expression Reflected in the Modern Fashion and Its Aesthetic Characteristics

Jin Kwon

11(6) 125-138, 2007

Aesthetic Characteristics of Traditional Korean Patterns Expressed on Contemporary Fashion Design - from 1990 to 2005 -

Sun Hee Hyun , Soo Jeong Bae

11(6) 139-156, 2007