Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.12 No.3

Current Issue
2007 Summer Women`s Street Fashion in Shenyang, China

Soo Jeong Bae , Eun Hah Wee , Kyung Hee Jung

12(3) 1-15, 2008

Theoretical Inquiry for the Study on Beauty Aesthetics -Centered on the hairstyle-

Seong Nam Kim , Hyun Jin Jung

12(3) 16-30, 2008

Comparison Study on Brassiere Patterns for Chinese Adult Women -Focused on brassiere patterns of U.S., France, Italy-

Su Joung Cha , Hee Soon Sohn

12(3) 31-53, 2008

Effect of Corrosion Conditions on the Luster Change of Metallic Yarns and Fabric -Analysis of Changes in Reflection and Transmission-

Hye Sun Shin , Jong Jun Kim , Dong Won Jeon

12(3) 54-61, 2008

A Comparative Study on the Sleeve Patterns of Women`s Costume of the 16th Century -Focus on the Joseon Dynasty and European Monarchy-

Eun Sun Chon

12(3) 62-71, 2008

A Study on Comparison of Upper Body Shapes and Types of Chinese Adult Women in Beijing and Shanghai -Focused on a Time-Series Analysis by Region and between Regions-

Hee Soon Sohn , Hee Kyung Chang

12(3) 72-86, 2008

Effects of scalp treatment using combinational massage technique on human physiology

Gang Su Oh , Sung Nam Kim

12(3) 87-98, 2008

Aesthetic Characteristic Study on Sportswear Uniform -Concentrating on Sportswear Uniform Applying Ensign Image-

Ho Sup Kan , Tae Hee Kim

12(3) 99-115, 2008

The Distribution Condition and Clothing Construction Factors of the Working Clothes -Reference to the Changwon National Industrial Complex-

Gin Ah Park , Hye Won Park

12(3) 116-135, 2008

A Study on the Jacket Blocks for Adult Males according to their Somatotypes XS, YI, Yd, and AD

Jae Eun Jung

12(3) 136-152, 2008

Research on the Status of Domestic Wedding Industry -Focusing on Dress, Studios, Makeup Firms-

Kyeong Seob Shin

12(3) 153-166, 2008

A Qualitative Study on Customer Management and Response of Apparel Shop Masters

Eun Young Jang

12(3) 167-174, 2008