Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.12 No.6

Current Issue
A Study on the Wave Formation and Hair Damage Levels Relating to the Uses of Treatments for Heat Permanent Waves

Kwan Ok Kim , Sung Nam Kim

12(6) 1-10, 2008

A Study on the Wave Type and the Damage of Hair according to Water content when Heat permanent is treated -Focus on Damaged Hair-

Soon Hee Lee , Jung Myung Choi

12(6) 11-22, 2008

Instrumental Analysis of the Human Hair Damaged by Bleaching Treatments -Focused on ATR FT-IRM-

Byung Jo Ha

12(6) 23-33, 2008

Color Assortment Decision Factors Considered by Women`s Clothing Merchandisers in Korea & United States

Keang Young Kang

12(6) 34-45, 2008

Physical Property and Virtual Sewing Image of Lyocell treated with Epichlorohydrine for the fibrillation control

Ji Yang Park , Dong Won Jeon , Sin Hee Kim

12(6) 46-60, 2008

Physical Property Evaluation of Chitosan Mordanted Green Tea Dyed Cellulose -Focusing on the physical property changes upon the repetition of treatment-

Hye Kyung Jung , Sin Hee Kim

12(6) 61-72, 2008

A Study on the Exhibitions of the Costume Remains Collected at University Museums in Seoul -Focused on Seok Joo-sun Memorial Museum of Dankook University and Jeong Young-Yang Embroidery Museum of Sookmyung Women`s University-

Hee Soon Sohn , Jang Hee Shin , Hee Kyung Chang

12(6) 73-80, 2008

A study of the round Variation Design Brassiere Pattern

You Shin Park , Yeong Soon Choi

12(6) 81-92, 2008

A Study on the Design Characteristics of Chanel Bags -focused on the collections from S/S 2001 to F/W 2008-

Ji Hye Jang , Kyu Wha Cho

12(6) 93-106, 2008

Comparison of brassiere sales patterns in Korea and China

Su Joung Cha , Hee Soon Sohn

12(6) 107-123, 2008

Comparison on the High School Girls` Purchasing Pattern of Fashion Products at Online and Offline Markets

Hye Kyung Min , Choon Sup Hwang

12(6) 124-137, 2008

VMD(Visual Merchandizing) Strategy Analysis for Revitalizing Wed Fashion Star shop

Kun Hee Lee

12(6) 138-151, 2008