Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.13 No.3

Current Issue
Comparison of the Actual Uses and Perceptions about Traditional Clothes by Korean and Japanese Female College Students

Seung Hee Han , Hee Nam Lee

13(3) 1-11, 2009

A Study on Personality Expression and the Awareness of Body Type -Focusing on Korea`s Jeonnam Province and Yanbian, China College Students-

Mi Ae Jeong , Mee Sung Choi

13(3) 12-24, 2009

A Basic Research on the Blouse Pattern of Middle-School Girls` Uniform

Jun Ok Lee , Jae Eun Jung , Jae Kyung Park

13(3) 25-39, 2009

Adolescents` Attitudes toward Counterfeits: Consumer Ethics & Reference Group Influence

Seung Hee Lee , Hahm Gari

13(3) 40-48, 2009

The Effect of Perceived Benefits and Obstacles on the Continuous Internet Adoption Intention in Fashion Companies

Eun Jin Lee

13(3) 49-61, 2009

An Exploratory Study of Immoral Consumer Behavior: Apparel Retail Salespeople`s Perspectives

Mi Young Lee

13(3) 62-76, 2009

A Study on T-shirt Design Using Doggaebi Pattern

Weol Kye Kim

13(3) 77-85, 2009

Analysis of Physical/Mechanical Properties and Color of Bast Fiber Fabrics Dyed using Rubia akane Nakai

Yoon Young Jang , Jong Jun Kim

13(3) 86-98, 2009

Middle-Aged of the British Women`s Apparel Purchase Situation Analysis

Eun Kyoung Seo , Eun Young Jang

13(3) 99-108, 2009

A Study of Onion Skin Pigments in the Extracting Solvents and Residual Pigments after Dyeing the Textiles

Soon Ei Bae

13(3) 109-117, 2009

The study on the breast types and characteristics of Chinese female adults. (Ver. 1) -Focused on the female college students in Shanghai-

Hee Soon Sohn , Su Joung Cha

13(3) 118-135, 2009

A Study on the Shrinkage of Silk Fabric by Ca(No3)2 Solution

Se Min Choi , Yu Ju Shin , Jong Jun Kim , Dong Won Jeon

13(3) 136-148, 2009