Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.13 No.3

Current Issue
Theses : Comparison of the Actual Uses and Perceptions about Traditional Clothes by Korean and Japanese Female College Students

Seung Hee Han , Hee Nam Lee

13(3) 1-11, 2009

Theses : A Study on Personality Expression and the Awareness of Body Type -Focusing on Korea`s Jeonnam Province and Yanbian, China College Students-

Mi Ae Jeong , Mee Sung Choi

13(3) 12-24, 2009

Theses : A Basic Research on the Blouse Pattern of Middle-School Girls` Uniform

Jun Ok Lee , Jae Eun Jung , Jae Kyung Park

13(3) 25-39, 2009

Theses : Adolescents` Attitudes toward Counterfeits: Consumer Ethics & Reference Group Influence

Seung Hee Lee , Hahm Gari

13(3) 40-48, 2009

Theses : The Effect of Perceived Benefits and Obstacles on the Continuous Internet Adoption Intention in Fashion Companies

Eun Jin Lee

13(3) 49-61, 2009

Theses : An Exploratory Study of Immoral Consumer Behavior: Apparel Retail Salespeople`s Perspectives

Mi Young Lee

13(3) 62-76, 2009

Theses : A Study on T-shirt Design Using Doggaebi Pattern

Weol Kye Kim

13(3) 77-85, 2009

Theses : Analysis of Physical/Mechanical Properties and Color of Bast Fiber Fabrics Dyed using Rubia akane Nakai

Yoon Young Jang , Jong Jun Kim

13(3) 86-98, 2009

Theses : Middle-Aged of the British Women`s Apparel Purchase Situation Analysis

Eun Kyoung Seo , Eun Young Jang

13(3) 99-108, 2009

Theses : A Study of Onion Skin Pigments in the Extracting Solvents and Residual Pigments after Dyeing the Textiles

Soon Ei Bae

13(3) 109-117, 2009

Theses : The study on the breast types and characteristics of Chinese female adults. (Ver. 1) -Focused on the female college students in Shanghai-

Hee Soon Sohn , Su Joung Cha

13(3) 118-135, 2009

Theses : A Study on the Shrinkage of Silk Fabric by Ca(No3)2 Solution

Se Min Choi , Yu Ju Shin , Jong Jun Kim , Dong Won Jeon

13(3) 136-148, 2009