Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.13 No.6

Current Issue
Research on Children`s Costumes of Dong Tribe

Shun Ai Zahng , Xin He

13(6) 1-11, 2009

Compulsive Buying Behavior, Fashion Orientation, and Self-Esteem among Female College Students in Fashion and Business Majors

Seung Hee Lee

13(6) 12-19, 2009

The Study of Mapping Coordination S/W Based on the Internet Shopping Mall for Silver Apparel

Yoong Joo Lee , Sham Ho Chung

13(6) 20-30, 2009

The Design Harmony in the Necktie with Dot Pattern

Su Jin Jung , Su Koung Choi

13(6) 31-44, 2009

A Study of the Efficacy to Control the Bacteria Colony of Scalp in Ayurvedic Oils on Clinical Testing

Jung Myung Choi

13(6) 45-60, 2009

A Color Analysis on Working Clothing in Domestic Machine and Heavy Industry

Hye Won Park , Hyun Sook Bae , Jin Ah Park , Jie Kwan Kim

13(6) 61-75, 2009

A Study on the Visual Image According to Changes in Number of Pleats and Skirt Length of Pleats Skirt

Kyung Hee Kim , Jung Soon Lee

13(6) 76-88, 2009

Developing textile design having watercolor effect and woven texture using Photoshop for Transfer Digital Textile Printing(DTP)

Sin Hee Kim

13(6) 89-98, 2009

Web Contents-comparative analysis: Online shopping agencies that retail foreign apparel

Sung Hee Kim

13(6) 99-110, 2009

Consumers` Motivations for Brand-Switching of Sport Shoes according to Their Age and Gender

Eun Jin Yim , Choon Sup Hwang

13(6) 111-124, 2009

Complementary Color Scheme Which Appeared in Women`s Fashion Collections of New York, Milan, Paris, and London

Hae Sook Kwon

13(6) 125-136, 2009

The Hierarchy of Images according to Construction Factors of the Flared Skirts

Jung Soon Lee , Gyung Hee Han

13(6) 137-146, 2009

A Study on Dyeability with Chitosan and Silane treatment on Natural Dyeing

Ji Yang Park , Dong Won Jeon

13(6) 147-156, 2009