Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.14 No.3

Current Issue
Theses : A study on the Assyrian Costume

Moon Ja Kim

14(3) 1-19, 2010

Theses : Consumption Behavior and Fashion Orientation for Luxury Brands of Japanese and Korean Consumers

Ji Na Park

14(3) 20-34, 2010

Theses : Marketing strategy and the current status of Global SPA Brands

Mi Kyung Kim

14(3) 35-49, 2010

Theses : The Research of Costume on Shin, Yun-Bok`s Painting in Late Chosun Dynasty

Young Jae Lee

14(3) 52-63, 2010

Theses : A Study on the Fashion Design of Emilio Pucci -Focusing on the 1960s-

Yun Jeong Oh

14(3) 64-74, 2010

Theses : An Analysis of Trade Areas for Apparel Stores in Seoul+ -Based on Myeong-dong, Kangnam Station and Myeongil-dong-

Hyun Ju Jung

14(3) 75-89, 2010

Theses : Research of the conditions and Preferences of Uniforms for the Disabled in Silver-towns

Hye Jung Wee

14(3) 90-96, 2010

Theses : The Comparative Study on the Extension Brands of Fashion Industry -DKNY, Ak Anne Klein, it Michaa, O`2nd-

Sung Kyung Im

14(3) 97-115, 2010

Theses : Evaluation of dye-ability and harmfulness of the reactive dyes replacing the metallic acid dyes for wool

Ji Yang Park , Young Hwan Park , Tae Jin Kang

14(3) 116-127, 2010

Theses : A Study on consumer Behavior and Preference towards Textile materials with Environment-Friendly treatment

Jung Min Lee , Jong Jun Kim

14(3) 128-145, 2010

Theses : Consumers` Purchasing Intentions toward Sustainable Apparel in US

Seung Hee Lee

14(3) 146-153, 2010

Theses : Comparative Study on the Image, Satisfaction, and Loyalty of Fashion Brands -focused on 4 main brands with second brands-

Sung Kyung Im

14(3) 154-171, 2010