Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.14 No.6

Current Issue
Cross- cultural study of Clothing Deprivation and Clothing Decision Criteria in Korean and Taiwanese Young Women

Seung Hee Lee

14(6) 1-10, 2010

Linguistic characteristics of Domestic Men`s Formal Wear Brand Names

Hae Sook Kwon

14(6) 11-22, 2010

Design Development and Evaluation of Working Clothes for Fitting Process of Shipbuilding Enterprise

Hye Won Park , Hyun Sook Bae , Gi Nah Park , Jie Kwan Kim

14(6) 23-38, 2010

Effect of the Calcium Nitrate Solution Treatment on the Tensile, Bending, and Shear Properties of Silk Fabric

Su Zin Park , Ji Young Kang , Da Won Seol , Hye Min Yang , Ji Min Lee , Ye Ji Ahn , Seo Young Han , Jong Jun Kim

14(6) 39-52, 2010

Development and Color Evaluation of Working Clothes Designs for Integrated Environment Color Planning in Machinery Industry Sites

Hye Won Park

14(6) 53-69, 2010

Artificial Intelligent Clothing Embedded Digital Technologies

Ho Sun Lim , Duck Weon Lee , Woo Sub Shim

14(6) 70-83, 2010

Research on the Perception of Wedding Planners on Hanbok as a Wedding Ceremony Dress

Kyeong Seub Shin

14(6) 84-99, 2010

A Study on the Body Types of Chinese and Korean Women in Their Early 20s for the Development of the Torso Dummy

Hee Kyung Chang , Hee Soon Sohn

14(6) 100-117, 2010

Analysis on the Fashion Cultural Product Design Applying on an Optical Fiber

Kyung Hee Choi

14(6) 118-133, 2010

A Study on the mobile application of Fashion Brands

Sung Hee Kim

14(6) 134-143, 2010

A Study for the Development of a Tailored Jacket Pattern for the Chinese Adult Women -Focused on the women in their early 20s in Shanghai-

Yeon Kyung Kang , Hee Soon Sohn

14(6) 146-167, 2010

The Effect of Demographic Factors on Children` Wear Buying Pattern, Media and Information Utilization, and Design Preference(paper no.2)

In Sook Koo

14(6) 170-187, 2010

A Study on the Design and Composition of Victorian Women`s Mantle

Sang Rye Lee , Hye Jeong Kim

14(6) 188-203, 2010