Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.15 No.3

Current Issue
The Effects of Demographic Factors on Fashion Orientation, Fashion Response, and Buying Criteria(paper no.1)

In Sook Koo

15(3) 1-21, 2011

A Development of Bodice Pattern for Women Aged 18~24 Years

Jae Kyung Park , Jun Ok Lee , Jae Eun Jung

15(3) 22-31, 2011

The Effects of Demographic Factors on Children`s wear Brand Preference and Their Reasons, and Brand Evaluation (paper no.3)

In Sook Koo

15(3) 32-50, 2011

An Analysis on the Color Trend of Street Fashion in Dalian, China(paper no.1) -Focused on 2010 Summer-

Eun Sil Kim , Soo Jeong Bae

15(3) 51-66, 2011

The Color Symbolism of the Costume on Korean Film 「Swiri」 -focused on relations among space, background and costume-

Se Hee Park , Hye Won Park

15(3) 67-83, 2011

A Study on the Dynamic Bending Properties of Textile Fabrics

Jong Jun Kim

15(3) 84-96, 2011

A Study on Representation of 3D Virtual Fabric Simulation with Drape Image Analysis 2 -Focus on the Comparison between Real Clothing and 3D Virtual Clothing-

Min Jeong Lee , Hee Soon Sohn , Jong Jun Kim

15(3) 97-111, 2011

A Study on the Characteristics of the Designs on Coptic Textiles of Ancient Egypt

Jung Im Han

15(3) 112-124, 2011

Financial Ratio Analysis of the Textile and Apparel Industries

Hyun Ju Jung , Choon Sup Hwang

15(3) 125-141, 2011

Attitude Transfer Model in Fashion Co-marketing Alliance: Controlling Product Tangibility/Intangibility

Soo Kyoung Ahn

15(3) 142-155, 2011

Sociocultural Attitudes toward Appearance and Cosmetic Consumption: The Comparison between Chinese and Thai Males

Seung Hee Lee , Poraksa Sirin , Xie Yang

15(3) 156-165, 2011