Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.15 No.6

Current Issue
Theses: Suggestion on Chinese Clothing Market Launching: Focused on Foreign Students`s Clothing Buying Behavior in Korea

In Sook Koo , Da Shuang Liu

15(6) 1-22, 2011

Theses: A study on the Scythian Earrings

Moon Ja Kim

15(6) 23-39, 2011

Theses: Comparative Analysis of Dynamic Moisture Movement Testers

Duck Weon Lee , Woo Sub Shim , Ho Sun Lim

15(6) 40-55, 2011

Theses: Purchasing Status and Attitude of Female College Students towards Luxury Counterfeit Goods and Their Relationship to Social Self-Concept

Ji Hyun Hwang , Choon Sup Hwang

15(6) 56-70, 2011

Theses: The Study on Fashion Beauty Design and Emotional Image by External Image Type of Korean Male Idol Stars

Joo Mee Kim , Se Yeong Shin

15(6) 71-84, 2011

Theses: Analysis of Body Measurement and Type using 3D Body Scan Data -Adult men and women in their 20`s~30`sin the 6th Size Korea project-

Ho Sun Lim , Chang Kyu Park

15(6) 85-100, 2011

Theses: A Study on the 3D Scanning of Fashionable Textile Materials -Ripple-finished Cotton Fabric and Shrink-proof Finished/Felted Wool Fabric-

Jong Jun Kim

15(6) 101-112, 2011

Theses: The Study on Curriculum of the Departments Related to Make-up in Korean Colleges

Eun Sil Kim

15(6) 113-133, 2011

Theses: Selection and Analysis of the Typical Somatotype for the Development of a Torso Dummy for the Chinese Adult Women

Heek Yung Chang , Hee Soon Sohn

15(6) 134-147, 2011

Theses: Analysis on Lower Body Type of Korean Women in Their Early 20`s

Yeonk Yung Kang , Heek Yung Chang , Enkhzul Byambasuren , Youn Joo Kim , Hee Soon Sohn

15(6) 148-162, 2011

Theses: A study on the Symbol Mark Design in Fashion Accessory Brands -Focused on Jewelry brand-

Haek Yung Shin

15(6) 163-175, 2011

Theses: A Development Study for Fashion Market Forecasting Models -Focusing on Univariate Time Series Models-

Yu Soon Lee , Yong Joo Lee , Hyun Cheol Kang

15(6) 176-203, 2011

Theses: A Study on Formative Characteristics of the Metro Sexual in Men`s Fashion -Focused on Male Consumers in their 10`s~40`s-

Sun Jeong Moon , Sam Ho Chung

15(6) 204-215, 2011