Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.16 No.3

Current Issue
Women`s Clothing and Social Participation

Seung Hee Lee

16(3) 1-12, 2012

The Analysis of the Painting Work Clothes Clothing Comfort and Wearer Mobility Considering the Work Environment in the Machine and Shipbuilding Industries Industries

Ginah Ginah Park , Hye Won Park , Hyun Sook Bae

16(3) 13-31, 2012

Working Clothes Design and Production in the Mechatronics Machinery Industry with the Application of Faber Birren`s Color Harmony Theory Theory

Hyewon Hyewon Park , Jung Hee Yang

16(3) 32-44, 2012

The Effects of the Talent Types on Purchasing Behavior of Beauty-Service products

In Sook Koo

16(3) 45-62, 2012

A Study on Character analysis and make up design in TV action drama "ya-cha(夜叉)"

Yu Kyoung Kim , Sae Young Shin

16(3) 63-77, 2012

The Sleeve-Cap Part Drafting Method of the General-Purpose Sleeve Pattern and the Verification of Compatibility Compatibility

Kyung Hee Cho

16(3) 78-94, 2012

Study on Original Design Features of First Ladies` Evening Dresses Dresses-Comparison of Jacqueline`s Styles and Later First Ladies` Styles-

Young Jae Lee

16(3) 95-106, 2012

A Study on Sociocultural Attitudes and Appearance Management Behavior in accordance with Gender Role Identity Identity

Eun Hee Park

16(3) 107-124, 2012

A study on the Analysis of 3D Scanning of Knit Stitches and Modeling System -Jersey, Rib, and Cable Stitches-

Kyoung Me Choi , Jong Jun Kim , Na Gun Song

16(3) 125-135, 2012