Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.16 No.6

Current Issue
The Effects of Talent Type and Body Consciousness on High Level-Appearance Management Behavior

In Sook Koo

16(6) 1-20, 2012

The Classification of Manufacturing Work Processes to Develop Functional Work Clothes -With a Reference to the Automobile, Machine and Shipbuilding Industries-

Ginah Park , Hye Won Park , Hyun Sook Bae

16(6) 21-35, 2012

Quilting Effect and Appearance Change according to Fabric Properties and Surface Reconstruction Method based on 3D Digital Clothing System

Ji Hae Yoon , Jong Jun Kim

16(6) 36-51, 2012

Analysis of the Jean Pants Street Fashion for Men in Seoul, 2012

Min Jeong Lee

16(6) 52-62, 2012

A study of Fashion art Illustration employing Matisse Painting

Heem Yung Kang

16(6) 63-79, 2012

A Study on Royal Ceremonial Hair styles of Chosun Dynasty

Ji Su Kang , Hyeon Suk Park

16(6) 80-95, 2012

Study on Anti- Lookism An analysis through Modern art and Fashion

So Eun Jeong , Kang Heem Young

16(6) 96-108, 2012

Effects of Price Attitude toward Apparel Products on Shopping Values and Consumption Behavior

Eun Hee Park , Sang Joo Lee

16(6) 109-126, 2012

Color Image Analysis of Cosmetic Web-Site for Color Marketing

Jeong Man Lee , Jong Suk An

16(6) 127-143, 2012

Effect of Standards of Selecting Jeans and Appearance Management Behavior on Leisure Lifestyle

Eun Hee Park , Hyun Ju Cho

16(6) 144-159, 2012

Basic Research on the Development of Skinny Jean Pants for Korean Women in Their 20s+

Min Jeong Lee , Hee Soon Sohn

16(6) 160-173, 2012