Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.17 No.3

Current Issue
The Color Arrangement of Working Clothes for Visibility in Machine Industrial Work Site

Hye Won Park

17(3) 1-14, 2013

Relationship of Parenting Style and Perceived Value of Characterized Children`s Fashion Products

Keang Young Kang , K P Johnson Kim , Hye Young Kim

17(3) 15-29, 2013

Effect of Fabric Properties used for the Loop Type Decorative Elements on the 3-dimensional Shape

Young Min Ko , Jong Jun Kim

17(3) 30-47, 2013

Comparative Study for Hair Protection Effect of Hair Essence Prepared Using Human Hair Keratin

Soon Hee Lee , Gi Yeon Bae , Doo Hyun Park , Sung Nam Kim

17(3) 48-57, 2013

Study on purchase behavior and satisfaction of Chinese tourists who buy Korean hair cosmetics in Myeong-dong -Targeting women at 20s and 40s-

Soon Hee Lee , Gi Yeon Bae , Doo Hyun Park , Sung Nam Kim

17(3) 58-73, 2013

A Korean-American Comparative Study of 3D Scanned Female Anthropometric Data

Eun Sil Kim , Sung Nam Kim , Da Na Song

17(3) 74-84, 2013

A Study on the Comfort and the Patternmaking Method of Leggings Pants

Kyong Hwa Yi , Cynthia L Istook

17(3) 85-98, 2013

Analysis of components of the Main Page in the SOHO Internet Apparel Shopping Malls+ -Comparative Analysis of Women`s and Men`s Malls?

Sang Hee Park , Jin Hee Park

17(3) 99-108, 2013

The Effect of Experiential Marketing on Customer Satisfaction and Revisit Intention of Beauty Salon Franchise Stores

Eun Young Jang

17(3) 109-121, 2013

Study on Analyses of Pleasure Trends and Aesthetic Characteristics of Accessories of Haute Couture Design -Focused on Haute Couture Collections from 2005 S/S to 2013 S/S-

Hyun Jin Jeon

17(3) 122-136, 2013