Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.17 No.6

Current Issue
An Analysis on the Relationships between Professions in the Beauty Industry and Blood Type

Byeong Sun Jo , Sung Nam Kim

17(6) 1-17, 2013

The Effects Caused by Lavender and Rosemary for Salivary Cortisol, Stress Levels and Mood Alteration

Ae Ran Lee , Hong Bum Cho

17(6) 18-27, 2013

A Study on Three-dimensional Effects and Deformation of Textile Fabrics: Dynamic Deformations of Silk Fabrics

Min Jin Kim , Jong Jun Kim

17(6) 28-43, 2013

Favorability`s Difference of Beard Type According to Perceiver`s Characteristic

Dae Young Kang , Jong Suk An

17(6) 44-59, 2013

A Study on the Categories and Contents of Fashion and Technology Trend: Focused on Design Field

Hye Won Park , Jung Hee Yang

17(6) 60-75, 2013

The 1970`s Fashion Trend at Vogue Magazine: If you can`t wrap it, tie it, sling it, fling it

In Sook Ahn

17(6) 76-87, 2013

A Study on Developing Designs and the Practical Use of Outdoor Backpacks Equipped with Solar Cells

Jin Hee Park

17(6) 88-97, 2013

The Functional Color Arrangement for Industrial Safety in Machinery Work Site 2: Focusing on Chromavalue from Top and Bottom

Hye Won Park , Seo Nu Jang

17(6) 98-110, 2013

A Comparison Analysis of Color Characteristics and Images in Flight Attendant Uniforms of Korea, china and Japan

Chi Qian Shao , Mi Suk Lee

17(6) 111-124, 2013

A Classification of Luxury Fashion Brands` E-commerce Sites

Sung Hee Kim

17(6) 125-140, 2013

A Comparison of Chinese Women`s Lower Body Features in Shanghai and Hong Kong

Su Joung Cha

17(6) 141-157, 2013

A Case Study on the Design Characteristics of Japanese Young Fashion Designers in the Paris Collection

Kyung Hee Jung , Soo Jeong Bae

17(6) 158-175, 2013