Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.18 No.3

Current Issue
A Study on Store Switching Behavior of College Students in On/Offline Apparel Store

Young Ju Chung

18(3) 1-13, 2014

Challenge of Understanding Multichannel Customer Behavior in 21st Century: A Meta-analysis

Soo Soo Hun , In Sook An

18(3) 14-28, 2014

A Study on the Production and Clinical Evaluation of Natural Lip Balm Using Chamaecyparis Obtusa and Lithospermum Erythrorhizon

Sun Kyoung Lee

18(3) 29-44, 2014

Impact of Quality Improvement in a Department Store by Sales Associates on Customer Loyalty

Dani Oh , Seung Hee Lee

18(3) 45-58, 2014

Developing Designs and Making Men`s Outdoor Breathable Waterproof Jackets with Solar Cells for Emergency Communications

Jin Hee Park

18(3) 59-72, 2014

A Study of Paper Couture Based on Paper Modeling Techniques

Sung Sun Hong

18(3) 73-90, 2014

Comparison Research on the Ease of Fitted Dress Shirt Patterns

Eun Hae Lee , Sang Hee Park

18(3) 91-103, 2014

Preference and Fitness of Jackets by Body Shape: Focused on the Fernale University Students

Jin Ah Jeong , Hei Sun Choi , Jeong Wook Choi

18(3) 104-116, 2014

An Analysis on the Morphological Relationship of Hair Styles with Changes in Necklines and Collars: From 16th Century to 19th Century

Hyo Ju Kim , Soo Jeong Bae

18(3) 117-133, 2014

A Study on Change of Pleats Shape and Fabric Properties: Interactive Shape-folding E-textile with Arduino

Eu Na Lee , Jong Jun Kim

18(3) 134-147, 2014

A Study on the Red Carpet Dress of Film Festivals in the Great China Region

Ling Wang , Mi Suk Lee

18(3) 148-166, 2014