Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.18 No.6

Current Issue
The Influence of Sociocultural Attitude toward Appearance and Narcissism on Body Stress

Eun Hee Park , Sang Joo Lee

18(6) 1-18, 2014

The Effect on Korean Consumers` Brand Preference, Trust and Purchase Intention for Donation Amount Information of Luxury Fashion Brands

Yun Jung Choi , Su Jin Yang , So Yeon Yoon

18(6) 19-37, 2014

A Study on Comparing Evaluation of External Appearance between Real and 3D Simulation of Flared Skirt Focused on Flare Volume and Length

Su Joung Cha

18(6) 38-56, 2014

Makeup Design and the Application of 3D Facial Avatar Makeup Simulation

Kee Jung Barng

18(6) 57-66, 2014

A Comparative Analysis on the Competitiveness of the Korean, Chinese and Japanese Fashion Industries: The Generalized Double Diamond Model Approach

Mi Young Son

18(6) 67-85, 2014

A Study on Fashion Collections Colors in Korea, China, and Japan:

Hyung Min Hong , Mi Suk Lee

18(6) 86-99, 2014

A Study on Expression Techniques of Nail Art : Focused on Nail Holic in 2012

Jeong Mee Kim , Seung Eun Jeong

18(6) 100-115, 2014

A Study on the Comparative Analysis of Slim Pants Patterns for Men in Their 20s

Kyoung Hee Kang , Hei Sun Choi , So Ra Kim

18(6) 116-136, 2014

A Study on the Fashion Images according to the Role Types of the Chinese First Ladies

Mi Suk Lee , Wen Zhang

18(6) 137-156, 2014

Effects of Fashion Company`s Marketing Activities Using Micro-blogging Services on Chinese Consumer’s Attitude toward Company and Purchase Intention

Liang Zhao , Mi Young Lee

18(6) 157-173, 2014

The Optimization on Safety Color of Work Clothing Based on Functional Color-arrangement Planning and Field Test

Hye Won Park

18(6) 174-187, 2014

Influence of Moral View and Other Variables on Purchase Intentions Concerning Fashion Counterfeits

Sea Hee Lee , K P Johnson Kim

18(6) 188-207, 2014

The Difference of Perception of High School Girl Image according to Hair Style and Perceiver`s Generation

Young Ok Kim , Eun Sil Lee

18(6) 208-221, 2014