Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.19 No.3

Current Issue
Theses : An Analysis on the Morphological Relationship of Hair Styles with Changes in Necklines and Collars in 20th Century Fashion

Hyo Ju Kim , Soo Jeong Bae

19(3) 1-13, 2015

Theses : A Study of the Costumes and Make-up in the Movie "Anna Karenina"

Jee Won Jung , Eun Sil Kim

19(3) 14-30, 2015

Theses : A Study on Satisfaction with Makeup-kits and Makeup-kit Brand Development -Focused on Lifelong Education Centers of Colleges-

Eun Sil Kim , Ju Im Chung

19(3) 31-42, 2015

Theses : Identifying Predictors of Compulsive Hoarding Tendencies in Young Adult Consumers

Sea Hee Lee , Kim, K. P. Johnson , Soo Jung Lee

19(3) 43-58, 2015

Theses : The Effects of Service Recovery and Perceived Justice on Customer Relationship in the Beauty Service Industry

Eun Jeong Ryou

19(3) 59-72, 2015

Theses : Employment and Wage Level of University Graduates in the Field of Clothing and Fashion

Mi Young Lee , Eun Young Kim

19(3) 73-87, 2015

Theses : Senior Men`s Concern About Appearance and Their Cosmetics Buying Behavior

Hyo Kyoung Kim , Sae Young Shin

19(3) 88-100, 2015

Theses : Comparison Research on the Patterns of No-Tuck Slim-Fitting Slacks for Young Men in Their 20s

Sang Hee Park , Eun Hye Lee

19(3) 101-112, 2015

Theses : Comparison of Heavy Metal Contents in Eyeliner Products -Focused on Domestic and Foreign Cosmetic Brands-

Kee Young Lee , Jeong Hee Kim

19(3) 113-120, 2015

Theses : Development and Verification of Make-up Base Containing Aloe

Hye Jo Min , Min Jung Kim , Jeong Hee Kim

19(3) 121-129, 2015

Theses : Computerized Human Body Modeling and Work Motion-capturing in a 3-D Virtual Clothing Simulation System for Painting Work Clothes Development

Gin Ah Park

19(3) 130-143, 2015