Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.19 No.3

Current Issue
An Analysis on the Morphological Relationship of Hair Styles with Changes in Necklines and Collars in 20th Century Fashion

Hyo Ju Kim , Soo Jeong Bae

19(3) 1-13, 2015

A Study of the Costumes and Make-up in the Movie "Anna Karenina"

Jee Won Jung , Eun Sil Kim

19(3) 14-30, 2015

A Study on Satisfaction with Makeup-kits and Makeup-kit Brand Development -Focused on Lifelong Education Centers of Colleges-

Eun Sil Kim , Ju Im Chung

19(3) 31-42, 2015

Identifying Predictors of Compulsive Hoarding Tendencies in Young Adult Consumers

Sea Hee Lee , Kim, K. P. Johnson , Soo Jung Lee

19(3) 43-58, 2015

The Effects of Service Recovery and Perceived Justice on Customer Relationship in the Beauty Service Industry

Eun Jeong Ryou

19(3) 59-72, 2015

Employment and Wage Level of University Graduates in the Field of Clothing and Fashion

Mi Young Lee , Eun Young Kim

19(3) 73-87, 2015

Senior Men`s Concern About Appearance and Their Cosmetics Buying Behavior

Hyo Kyoung Kim , Sae Young Shin

19(3) 88-100, 2015

Comparison Research on the Patterns of No-Tuck Slim-Fitting Slacks for Young Men in Their 20s

Sang Hee Park , Eun Hye Lee

19(3) 101-112, 2015

Comparison of Heavy Metal Contents in Eyeliner Products -Focused on Domestic and Foreign Cosmetic Brands-

Kee Young Lee , Jeong Hee Kim

19(3) 113-120, 2015

Development and Verification of Make-up Base Containing Aloe

Hye Jo Min , Min Jung Kim , Jeong Hee Kim

19(3) 121-129, 2015

Computerized Human Body Modeling and Work Motion-capturing in a 3-D Virtual Clothing Simulation System for Painting Work Clothes Development

Gin Ah Park

19(3) 130-143, 2015