Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.19 No.6

Current Issue
Consumer Regulatory Focus and Impulse Buying of Apparel

Go Eun Lee , Yoon Jung Lee

19(6) 1-13, 2015

A Cross-cultural study of Body Image Perceptions between Korean and British University Students

Bu Yong Kim , Seung Hee Lee

19(6) 14-27, 2015

A Study on the Fabric Drape Evaluation Using a 3D Scanning System Based on Depth Camera with Elevating Device

Jong Jun Kim

19(6) 28-41, 2015

A Study on the Characteristics of Interactive Fashion Through User Participation

You Na Noh , Ho Sup Kan

19(6) 42-57, 2015

A Study on the Postmodernism Tendency Expressed in Hedi Slimane`s Men`s Wear Design -Focusing on the Comparison Between the Collection of Dior Homme and Yves Saint Laurent-

Mi Suk Lee , Qing Qing Luo

19(6) 58-73, 2015

Operation Situation of Academic Credit Bank System for Academic Degree of Cosmetology & Academic Research Trends

Young Jae Lee , Woon Hyun Lee

19(6) 74-81, 2015

Examining the Functions of Attributes of Mobile Applications to Build Brand Community

Kyong Hwa Yi , Mullykar Ruddock , Hj Maria Kim

19(6) 82-100, 2015

An Analysis of Menswear Brands in the Current Domestic Fashion Market

Eun Young Jang

19(6) 101-111, 2015

Motivations and Characteristics of Hashtag Users

Gwon Il Kim , Ga Yeon Jung , Ye Ji Song , Jee Sun Park

19(6) 112-126, 2015

Measuring Importance of Online Apparel Stores` Design Attributes Using Three Different Methods

Keun Young Oh , Mi Young Lee

19(6) 127-138, 2015