Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.20 No.3

Current Issue
A Study on Textile Design Preferences in Outdoor Clothing According to New Senior Women``s Psychological Comfort

Min Nyoung Seo , Young Seok Koo

20(3) 1-16, 2016

Development of Ergonomic Leg Guard for Baseball Catchers through 3D Modeling and Printing

Hyojeong Lee , Ran-i Eom , Yejin Lee

20(3) 17-29, 2016

3D Modeling of a Fabric based on its 3D Microstructure Image and Application of the Model of the Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer

Hyojeong Lee , Heeran Lee , Ran-i Eom , Yejin Lee

20(3) 30-42, 2016

Jersey Design and Pattern Making for Disable Players of Ice Sledge Hockey

Sanghee Park , Sungheum Um , Jinhee Park

20(3) 43-53, 2016

The Effect of Fashion Product Consumers` Need for Uniqueness on their Criteria of Clothing Selection and Switching Intentions

Soojin Park , Sookyeong Park

20(3) 54-67, 2016

An Analysis on the Form and Decoration of Chinese Minority Women`s Waistbands

Rui Xu , Soojeong Bae

20(3) 68-88, 2016

New Seniors` Information Sources, Store Selection Criteria, and Sales Associates` Attributes for Clothing: Based on Their Clothing Involvement

Jeong-hyun Ghal , Miyoung Lee

20(3) 89-103, 2016

Product-Story Congruence and Actor Attractiveness in Product Placements in Television Drama

Minhye Cheon , Yena Ahn , Ju Hee Mo , Jee-sun Park

20(3) 104-118, 2016

A Study on the Properties of Silk and Nylon 6 Fabrics by Tannic Acid Treatment

Soojin Yoa , Jongjun Kim

20(3) 119-132, 2016