Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.21 No.3

Current Issue
Design Aesthetics of Ralph Rucci

Eunhyuk Yim , Cynthia Istook

21(3) 1-13, 2017

A Comparative Study of Recognition Rate of Color QR Code Printed on Tyvek and Cotton Material

Suhrin Park

21(3) 14-28, 2017

Impact of Female Consumer Self-Image on Pursued Fashion Style

Doohah Yoon , Jongpil Yu

21(3) 29-42, 2017

A Study on Visual Humor Expression in Fake Technique Fashion

Jinyoung Kim , Hosup Kan

21(3) 43-57, 2017

The Role of Sketches in Fashion Design -Focus on a Case Study of a Professional Designer`s Process-

Jung Soo Lee

21(3) 58-66, 2017

The Effects of Using O2O Fashion Mobile Commerce on Consumers` Attitudes and Intentions Focused on the characteristics - of consumers and O2O mobile commerce-

Takhwan Ko , Sunyoung Yeom , Miyoung Lee

21(3) 67-79, 2017

The Impact of the United States Fashion on Korean Fashion in 20th Century

Keunyoung Oh , Jeongwook Choi

21(3) 80-92, 2017