Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.21 No.6

Current Issue
The Effects of Congruence between Self-Image and the Advertising Image of Chinese Consumers on Advertising and Brand Attitudes-The Moderating Role of a Fashion Advertising Model’s Nationality-

Yu Hua Cui

21(6) 1-15, 2017

A Study on the E-textiles Dip-Coated with Electrically Conductive Hybrid Nano-Structures

Euna Lee , Jongjun Kim

21(6) 16-30, 2017

Exploring Interpersonal Trust Online

Soo-kyoung Ahn

21(6) 31-46, 2017

The Comparative Analysis of 3D Software Virtual and Actual Wedding Dress

Xin-yi Yuan , Soo-jeong Bae

21(6) 47-65, 2017

The Modified Hanbok Jeogori Pattern Development Using Virtual Dressing System - Based on Female Bodice Pattern -

Seong Yeon Jeon , Hye Jung Wee

21(6) 66-76, 2017

A Study on the Design of Accessories through the Concept of Reincarnation

You Shin Park

21(6) 77-86, 2017

A Study on the Analysis and Comparison of DC Suite and CLO3D

Heekyung Jang , Jianhui Chen

21(6) 87-105, 2017

A Study on Service Encounter Quality: Interpersonal Service vs. Self-Service Technology in the Fashion Retail Stores

Eun Young Kim

21(6) 106-121, 2017

An Exploratory Study on the Shopper Experience of Shopping Malls Using Photo Elicitation Interviews

Jongbae Lee , Soyoung Kim , Miyoung Lee

21(6) 122-138, 2017