Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.22 No.3

Current Issue
Antecedents of Intent to Purchase a Brand Extension-A University-Licensed Merchandise Case-

Jaeha Lee , Kwangsoo Park

22(3) 1-15, 2018

How Background Music Affects Consumer Perception of Waiting Time?-A Mediating Role of Emotions-

Jee-sun Park , Leslie D. Stoel

22(3) 16-29, 2018

Stability Determination of the Various Cosmetic Formulations containing Glycolic Acid

Hye-yeon Yeo , Jeong-hee Kim

22(3) 30-38, 2018

Fashion Consumer Segmentation based on Interpersonal Trust Online

Soo-kyoung Ahn

22(3) 39-56, 2018

Analysis of Korean and Foreign Special Effects Make-up in Representative Films by Period

Jeewon Jung , Eun-sil Kim

22(3) 57-66, 2018

A Study on the Nail Size Measurement of Korean Adult Women-Focused on women in their 20s, 30s and 40s-

Eunsil Lee , Eun-sil Kim

22(3) 67-74, 2018

The effect of Servicescape on the Customer Orientation of Beauty Professionals

Eui-hyun Park , In Hee Lee

22(3) 75-88, 2018

Exploring the Phenomenon of Consumers’ Experiences of Reading Online Consumer Reviews

Jee-sun Park

22(3) 89-108, 2018

Study on the Recent Status of Rental Hanbok Jeogori for Women

Sanghee Park

22(3) 109-121, 2018

A Study on the Body Shape Analysis for an Avatar Generation of the Virtual Fitting System-Focusing on Korean Women in their 20's-

Heekyung Jang , Jianhui Chen

22(3) 122-142, 2018