Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.22 No.6

Current Issue
Purchasing Behavior of K-pop Idol Goods Consumers in Korea

Yu Jin Kim , Jieun Lee , Miyoung Lee

22(6) 1-13, 2018

Fashion Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Image, Product Preference, and Purchase Intention: Chinese Consumers’ Perspectives

Jian Zhang , Yu Hua Cui

22(6) 14-24, 2018

The Influence of Environmental Concern and Green Fashion Advertisements on Consumer Behavior: Chinese vs. Korean

Hang Shi , Yu Hua Cui

22(6) 25-38, 2018

Pre-Orientalism in Costume and Textiles

Keum Hee Lee

22(6) 39-52, 2018

The Effects of Digital Signage on Flow and Brand Attitudes: The Mediating Role of Pleasure

Kyoungha Ji , Hanna Kim

22(6) 53-69, 2018

The Effect of Cosmetics Curation Service Quality Attributes on Consumer’s Intention to Use

Sungmin Heo , Woosuk Choi

22(6) 70-82, 2018

The Effect of Big Data-based Fashion Shopping Applications on App Users' Continuous Usage Intention

Hyekyung Hong , Yeonseo Shin , Miyoung Lee

22(6) 83-93, 2018

A Study on the Development of Sensor-Based Smart Wappen System -Focus on UV Sensor and Gas Sensor-

Jinhee Park , Jooyong Kim

22(6) 94-104, 2018

Constructive Characteristics of Outdoor Jacket Depending on the Performance Level

Jinhee Choi , Moonsoo Kyung

22(6) 105-114, 2018

New Zealand National Brand expressed in Fashion Design

Hae Jung Yum

22(6) 115-130, 2018