Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.23 No.6

Current Issue
The Expression and Characteristics of Mexican Poncho Costume Appropriated In Modern Fashion -Focus on James O Young’s Cultural Appropriating Techniques-

Liu Shuai , Kwon Mi Jeong

23(6) 1-15, 2019


Relational Benefits and Visual Arts Outcomes via WeChat Business

Yu Hua Cui

23(6) 16-26, 2019


3D Expression of Mosaic Wallcovering by Color Difference -Focused on the Warp Direction of String and Woven Mosaics-

Joonhan Lee , Sun Mee Kim

23(6) 27-36, 2019


Empirical Study of Chinese Consumers Perception-Attitude-Behavior in Clothes Rental Platform

Yu Hua Cui , Yu Ling Bai

23(6) 37-48, 2019


Satisfaction, Reliability, and Word-of-Mouth Intention for Online Information According to Cosmetic Consumer Information Search Types

Saeyoung Shin

23(6) 49-63, 2019


Elementary Students’ Clothing Color Preferences and the Colors of Clothes Worn at School

Su Hyun Lee , Hyun-jeong Jin

23(6) 64-75, 2019


Analysis of Gender Identity Expressed in the Movie < The Danish Girl > based on Judith Butler’s Gender Theory

Heeseon Kim , Jinyoung Kim , Hosup Kan

23(6) 76-85, 2019


A Study on the Characteristics and Social Values of Vegan Fashion in H&M and Zara

Kyoungah Seo , Seunghee Suh

23(6) 86-100, 2019


Study on the Tendency of Interest of Fashion Product Development based on 3D Printing according to College Students’ Fashion Life Style

Hayoung Song , Jungmin Lee

23(6) 101-115, 2019


Implementation of RFID-based SCM in the South Korean Textile Industry

Sangmoo Shin , Euisung Jung

23(6) 116-126, 2019


A Study on the Performance Evaluation of Commercial Functional Inner-wear

Seong-ik Beak , Sanghee Park

23(6) 127-138, 2019