Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.24 No.6

Current Issue
Use of 3D Printing Technology to Create Personal Fashion: UTAUT and Need for Uniqueness

Darinka Popov , Sumin Koo

24(6) 1-17, 2020


A Study on the Relationship Between Feminist Art and Fashion in Modern Chinese Art Era

Zhang Xing , Hosup Kan

24(6) 18-45, 2020


Expression Types of Modern Fashion Show Space from the Perspective of Pepper's Contextualism

Liu Shuai , Kwon Mi Jeong

24(6) 46-62, 2020


Scientific Approach to Fashion Websites Using Eye Trackers

Seunghee Lee , Jung Won Choi

24(6) 63-79, 2020


The Domestic Trend of Studies on 3D Printing Technology Applied to the Fashion Industry

Jeongwook Choi , Sanghee Park

24(6) 80-88, 2020


Development and Evaluation of Wearable Bags and Consumer Innovativeness

Tang Wujun , Koo Sumin

24(6) 89-108, 2020


The Influence of Consumption Values and Materialism/Voluntary Simplicity on Attitudes Toward Eco-Friendly Fashion Products -A Study of College Students in Seoul-

Hyun-jeong Jin

24(6) 109-119, 2020


A Study on the Direction of Evaluation Indicators for Personalized Beauty Self-care

Lee Yoo-jeong , Choi Ji-woo , Shin Sae-young

24(6) 120-134, 2020


Students’ Online Fashion Studio Class Experience and Factors Affecting Their Class Satisfaction

Jungmin Lee , Miyoung Lee

24(6) 135-147, 2020


Influence of Korean Celebrity Endorsement on Chinese Consumers' Purchase Intention towards Fashion Goods

Yu Hua Cui , Yu Ling Bai

24(6) 148-158, 2020