Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.26 No.6

Current Issue
Analysis of Hip-hop Fashion Codes in Contemporary Chinese Fashion

Sen Bin , Haejung Yum

26(6) 1-13, 2022


An Investigation into the Historical Context of a Kimono and Its Sartorial Relevance in Western Societies in 2022

Elizabeth J Burton

26(6) 14-31, 2022


The Parametric Fashion Design Using Grasshopper -Focused on Skirt Silhouette-

Jung Min Kim , Jung Soo Lee

26(6) 32-46, 2022


The Advent of the 19th Century Bicycle and Women's Fashion -Focused on France-

Keumhee Lee

26(6) 47-63, 2022


Suggestion of a Strategy for Fashion Customization Services -An Integrated Perspective of Narcissism and Brand Prestige-

Ha Youn Kim , Yunjeong Kim

26(6) 64-81, 2022


Green Advertisement with Sustainability Claims -Message Credibility and Design Trendiness-

Yoo-won Min , Sae Eun Lee , Kyu-hye Lee

26(6) 82-93, 2022


Requirements of Fashion as Popular Art in Contemporary Culture

Seunghee Suh

26(6) 94-104, 2022


Assessment of Stability and Safety of Maskne Cosmetic

Minjung Kim , Jeonghee Kim

26(6) 105-115, 2022


The Resourcefulness of Sponsored Contents on Social Media -A Netnographic Approach to Customer Inspiration Cues-

Hyunjeong Rhee , Kyu-hye Lee

26(6) 116-132, 2022