Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.5 No.5

Current Issue
New Direction for the Fashion Business in the Age of Globalization

Kyu Hwa Cho

5(5) 1-6, 2001

Proposals for Fashion Technology in the Standardization of Research Methods -Centered on Scientific Approaches to Body Type Research Methods-

Boo Ja Shim

5(5) 7-15, 2001

Signifying Process in Fashion Magazine Advertisements -Centering on Advertisements Expressing Eroticism-

Woon Hyun Lee , Sun Suk Oh

5(5) 16-26, 2001

Use of Photographs as Data Sources for Costume Research

Hae Young Lee , Elaine Pedersen

5(5) 27-35, 2001

Research on Culture of Costume in Coptic Paintings in Ancient Egypt -Based on Book Research-

Young Sun Shin

5(5) 36-48, 2001

Symbolic Values of Fur in Fashion Since 1990s -An Analysis under the Theories of Fetishism-

Soo Yeon Hahn , Sook Hi Yang

5(5) 49-64, 2001

The Artistic Hat Applying Natural Resources and Innovative Materials

Hye Kyung Kim , Yoon Jee Lee

5(5) 65-76, 2001

An Analysis and Comparison of the Characteristics of Traditional Hanbok and Everyday(daily) Hanbok Focusing on the Basic Dress

Hwa Jin Shim

5(5) 77-86, 2001

A Study on the Suits Purchasing Conditions of the Chinese Men

Soon Im , Hee Soon Sohn , Jee Yeon Kim

5(5) 87-96, 2001