Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.6 No.3

Current Issue
A Study on the Scythian Gold Plaques

Moon Ja Kim

6(3) 1-14, 2002

A Study on the Changes of the Women`s Uniform in England

Kyung Hee Kim

6(3) 15-27, 2002

Proposal of VMD for a Footwear Shop at Department Stores -Focused on a Footwear Shop for Women at a "H" Department Store-

Mi Young Lee , Soon Ku Kim

6(3) 28-40, 2002

A Study on the Changes of Hairstyle by the Development in Hairdressing Industry in Korea -With the Focus on Women`s Hairstyle-

Yun Young Na , Jeom Soon Yoon

6(3) 41-51, 2002

Consumers` Attitude on Textile Image Generated by CAD for Quick Response based Mass-Customization

Sang Moo Shin

6(3) 52-59, 2002

Fashion and Periodic Conditions before and after World War I: -1910s to the Beginning of 1930s-

Yun Jeong Oh , Kyu Hwa Cho

6(3) 60-68, 2002

A Study on the Expression of Apparel Advertising in Men`s Apparel

Yoon Kyoung Kim , Kyoung Hee Lee

6(3) 69-83, 2002

Effects of Local Heating on Whole Body Skin Temperature -Centered on the Comparison of Old Women & Female Collegians-

Boo Ja Shim

6(3) 84-93, 2002

A Study of Fashion Art Illustration

Hye Kyung Kim , Hee Myung Kang

6(3) 94-109, 2002