Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.7 No.3

Current Issue
A Study on the Patterns of the Late 19th Century Funerals

Kyung Hee Kim

7(3) 1-13, 2003

Effects of Hair Colors on the Optical Illusion of Body Types

Eun Ji Li , Boo Ja Shim

7(3) 14-23, 2003

The Research on Strategy of Clothing Product for the Women of 20s in Peking of China

Ah Rum Gu , Hee Soon Sohn

7(3) 24-35, 2003

Hand-related Physical Properties and Luster Properties of Chitosan treated Cotton and Nylon Fabrics dyed with Natural Dyestuffs

Dong Won Jeon , Jong Jun Kim , Jung Min Lee , Hye Sun Shin

7(3) 36-44, 2003

Current Trends in Chinese Fashion Markets -Characteristics of Chinese Fashion Markets and Launching Strategies to Success-

Cheng Chung Chung

7(3) 45-53, 2003

The Korean Fashion Industry`s Globalization Efforts -An American Perspective-

Young Ja Kim

7(3) 54-59, 2003

Luster Properties of Polyester Micro-fiber Circular-Knitted Fabric and Fiber Luster Simulation

Jae Myong Jung , Jong Jun Kim , Dong Won Jeon

7(3) 60-70, 2003