Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.7 No.6

Current Issue
A Study on Art Nouveau Style Fashion Design -Focusing on Flower Pattern-

Mi Young Kim , Kyu Hwa Cho

7(6) 1-9, 2003

A study on the uniform design based on Korean image -Centering around specialty restaurants of Korean food

Sook Nam Yoon , Bok Hee Kim

7(6) 10-20, 2003

Prospects of Consumer Life Information

In Sook Koo

7(6) 21-31, 2003

A Study on the Development of a Torso Prototype for Chinese Women

Hee Kyung Chang , Hee Soon Sohn , Soon Im

7(6) 32-49, 2003

Low-Stress Physical/Mechanical Properties of Cochineal-dyed Cotton, Silk, Nylon, and Polyester Fabrics subjected to Chitosan-Pretreatment

Jong Jun Kim , Dong Won Jeon , Sun Hwa Kim

7(6) 50-56, 2003

The Application of Make-up through Optical Illusion -Focused on Lineal Illusion-

Ko Mi Cho , Jin A Cho

7(6) 57-66, 2003

A Study of Green and Its Imagery in Western Costume

Mi Yeon Park , Kyu Hwa Cho

7(6) 67-75, 2003

The Study of Consumer Sensibility on Apparel Texture Image regarding Marketing Channels

Sang Moo Shin , Hyo Jeong Lee

7(6) 85-91, 2003

Modeling of a Virtual Three-dimensional Plain Weave Fabric - A Closely Packed Multifilament Yam Model -

Kim, Jong-Jun , Jeon, Dong-Won , Yun, Myung-Hui

7(6) 76-84, 2003