Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.8 No.3

Current Issue
A study on the Scythian Bracelets

Moon Ja Kim

8(3) 1-9, 2004

A Survey and Analysis of the Hygienic Aspects of Pet-Dog Clothes Materials

Boo Ja Shim

8(3) 10-19, 2004

The Relationship between Traditional Embroidery of Gubang Craft and Modern Fiber Art in Korea

Soo Cheol Rhee

8(3) 20-33, 2004

Effects of Fashion Goods Promotion Strategy to CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Byoung Hwa Lee , Hwa Jin Shim

8(3) 34-48, 2004

Effects of Hair Colors on the Image -Centered on Female Collegians in Their 20s-

Eun Ji Li , Boo Ja Shim

8(3) 49-58, 2004

A Study on the Bobos Styles in the Contemporary Fashion Trend -Focusing on the Bobos feature in Korea-

Gwi Ja Han

8(3) 59-69, 2004

A Study on the Women Image Expressions of Cosmetic Advertisements through the Digital Media

Chung Ah Han

8(3) 70-83, 2004

A Study on Development of Chinese Men`s Apparel Sizing System 2

Hee Soon Sohn , Jee Yeon Kim

8(3) 84-113, 2004