Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.8 No.6

Current Issue
Research on the Correlation between Wavy Modeling of Garment and Fabric Properties

Wen Bin Zhang , Wu Tuo , Jing Ru Liu

8(6) 1-14, 2004

A Study on Fashion Illustration Reflecting the Minimalism

Chun Wha Lyu , Kyu Hwa Cho

8(6) 15-24, 2004

Development of Elderly Women`s Dress Form According to Their Somatotypes for the Silver Apparel Industry

Chu Yeon Suh

8(6) 25-38, 2004

A Study on Surrealistic Expression in Modern Fashion -Focusing on Surrealistic Fashion in 1990s-

Chieu Kyung Yang

8(6) 39-56, 2004

An Analysis on Structures of Man`s Costume in Byzantine Empire

Jeom Soon Yoon

8(6) 57-67, 2004

Characterization of Luster Properties of Nylon 6 Hollow Filament Yarn Woven Fabric -Three-dimensional Simulation of Hollow Filament-

Jong Jun Kim , Dong Won Jeon , Jee Hae Jeon

8(6) 68-77, 2004

Walking Patterns According to the Room of Shoes Sizes -Focusing on Female Collegians on Busan-

Boo Ja Shim

8(6) 78-89, 2004

The Task of the Fashion Designer in Different Types of Domestic Women`s Apparel Brands -Focusing on the Fashion Merchandising Process-

Hae Sook Kwon , Eun A Lee

8(6) 90-102, 2004

Analysis of Voter`s Acceptance to Female Politician`s Appearance

Tae Soon Kwon , Cheui Kyung Yang

8(6) 103-112, 2004

Qualitative Study on Body Image and Appearance Behaviors in the Diet Center

Seung Hee Lee

8(6) 113-122, 2004

A Study of Fashion Expression on the end of 20th Century -Focusing on Distopia-

Young Kyoung Song

8(6) 123-136, 2004

Effect of Rinsing after Mordanting on the Air-permeability and Dyeing of Fabrics with Cochineal Dyestuff

Ho Jin Na , Dong Won Jeon , Jong Jun Kim

8(6) 137-145, 2004