Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.9 No.3

Current Issue
The Relationships between Women`s Satisfaction of their Lower Body Parts and their Overall Weight Satisfaction : A Study of Women in their Twenties to their Fifties

Hyun Ju Jung , Jasper Cynthia R.

9(3) 1-7, 2005

Images Positioning of Women`s Formal Wear Brands -Tuning in the three department stores in Daejon-

In Sook Koo

9(3) 8-21, 2005

A Qualitative Study on Risk Reduction Behaviors in Purchase Process of the Counterfeit of Fashion Luxury Brands -Focused on Risk Reduction Behaviors on Psychological Risk Perceptions-

Il Kim

9(3) 22-36, 2005

The effects of Supply Chain Management Factors on the Performance of SCM Adoption in Textile/Apparel Firms

Sang Moo Shin

9(3) 37-46, 2005

Lateral Body Shapes of Males in Their 20s for the Development of Educational Dress Forms (Part 2)

Hyun Yoo , Boo Ja Shim

9(3) 47-63, 2005

A Study on the Basic Pattern of Bodice block for Adult Women in China -Focusing on Women in 20s Residing in Beijing and Shanghai-

Hee Soon Sohn , Yeon Kyung Kang

9(3) 64-87, 2005

Wearing Test for New-Bunka Pattern Making of Men`s Body Type through Virtual Garment

Mi E Jeong , Mee Sung Choi

9(3) 88-98, 2005

Effect of Chitosan Treatment Methods on the Dyeing of Cotton, Nylon, and PET using Cochineal (3) -Light Fastness and Perspiration Fastness Characteristics-

Dong Min Lee , Dong Won Jeon , Jong Jun Kim

9(3) 99-113, 2005

Effects of Mordanting, Dyeing, Rinsing, and Fiber Characteristics on the Air-permeability and Color of Fabrics Dyed using Cochineal Dyestuff

Ho Jin Na , Dong Won Jeon , Jong Jun Kim

9(3) 114-124, 2005

Korean Women`s Shopping Behavior and Body Image in U.S.

Seung Hee Lee

9(3) 125-133, 2005

Risk Perceptions and Risk-reduction strategies in Internet Apparel Shopping

Mi Young Lee

9(3) 134-149, 2005

Study on Textile Patterns in the Film "In the Mood for Love" -Focused on qipao of heroine-

Moon Hwan Cho , Young Jae Lee

9(3) 150-161, 2005