Journal of Fashion Business

Journal of Fashion Business

Vol.9 No.6

Current Issue
Categorization and Stereotyping Toward Obese Women`s Appearance

Seung Hee Lee

9(6) 1-11, 2005

A Study on the Actual Conditions of Brassiere Wearing for Girl Students

Hee Soon Sohn , Su Joung Cha

9(6) 12-28, 2005

Natural Dyeing Using Tea Extract I -The Effect Of Mordants On Dyeing Characteristics Of Coffee Extract Dyed Silk Fabric-

Hyun Geun Yoo , Sin Hee Kim

9(6) 29-38, 2005

The effect analysis where beauty care service`s quality of perception influences to a value of perception

Sung Nam Kim , Hyun Jin Jung

9(6) 39-55, 2005

Wig usage investigation which symbolizes the socio-economic status (Egypt~17C)

Hyun Jin Jung , Sung Nam Kim

9(6) 56-70, 2005

A Study on Costume Culture Interchange Resulting from Economic Factors

Ju Ri Yu

9(6) 71-85, 2005

Ugliness Portrayed in Modern Makeup

Ku Jung Kwon

9(6) 86-100, 2005

An hygienical study on fomentation wear textile and design

Boo Ja Shim

9(6) 101-116, 2005

A Study on the dyeing of wool felt using cochineal and mordants -change of color and image analysis of dyed felt-

Jung Min Lee , Jong Jun Kim

9(6) 117-125, 2005

The Types of Clothing Shopping Value and the Classification of Consumer group by Shopping Values

Hae Sook Kwon

9(6) 126-140, 2005

Expression of Fashion Illustration on the Costume of the Movie Genre

Kyung Ae Kang , Eui Jung Lee

9(6) 141-159, 2005

A Study on the Brand Characteristics According to Trends in the Children`s Apparel Market

Gyung Hee Han

9(6) 160-174, 2005